The Prelude Implicit

Here is an unedited studio view of the painting that the band Kansas commissioned me to do for the cover of their new album, “The Prelude Implicit”, due to be released in September. It is the first new album from this legendary rock band to come out in 16 years! I couldn’t believe that this honor seemed to just fall out of the sky the way it did and land on my head- Phil Ehart, drummer and founding member, phoned me one day after having seen the phoenix tattoo that I did for Cassandra- he saw the tattoo online and decided to find me. This album will be released in all the usual formats- AS WELL AS a 12 inch vinyl record with a fold out cover! I also did several small paintings that will be used as vignettes in a booklet of lyrics and band pictures that will come with the CD and the vinyl record. (I’m not going to show the vignettes here… buy the record, and you’ll see the additional work I did.)
The music of KANSAS was always present during my teen years. I loved them, and if you would have told me that one day I would paint an album cover for them, I wouldn’t have believed that such a secret wish of mine could come true.
The artwork and it’s use belongs to the band Kansas. Phil gave me permission to post a photo of the painting here. Find out more at

Brushstrokes Come Alive

36” x 48” Oil on Canvas. Work In Progress. 2016.

The Singer Carol Lipnik

Work In Progress. 36” x 48”, Oil on Canvas. 2016.

Canid Seeks Flapping Wing Being

36” x 48” Oil on Canvas. Work In Progress. 2016.
This is a work in progress because the actual painting has been getting darker and darker, due to the overuse of cobalt drier that I had added to the oil painting medium. The painting is getting to be so dark that you can barely see what’s there under normal room light, and so I may add another layer of activity to the foreground. I will update the picture as the new layer is added.

Monsterfish With Dragonbird

Oil on Canvas, painted in 2015. 36” x 48"

Red Seaweed Skull

Oil on Canvas, 12” x 16”. 2016.


Oil on Canvas, 12” x 16”. 2016.


Oil on Canvas, 16” x 16”. 2015.

Red Dragon

Oil on Canvas, 12”x 16”, 2015.